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GPS Tracking Devices

Here at The Sat Nav Company we are attempting to bring you the best tracking devices on the market. These GPS trackers really will work with anything that moves! The tracking devices breakdown into the following sections:


If you have something you do not wish to lose (pet, boat, car, child, etc) , you can make sure it doesn’t move outside its boundary fence which is 4 movable points you can select via your computer. For example, if you have a parking spot outside visual range you can select the four corners of your car and get a worry free night’s sleep. You will be safe in the knowledge that should anybody move your car, you will be alerted via a text message and you will be able to view via your computer where it  is! Another analogy is on any type of boat, should it break free of its mooring rope you will be alerted.


These units tie in with the above security GPS systems, should anything be moving that shouldn’t be, you can track it from your computer or smart phone. However, most GPS trackers will offer you the ability to track first and foremost but they will also let you know the mileage covered, average mileage, altitude, average speed and geotagging photos.

The more fun ideas we have seen for tracking GPS include most outdoor pursuits such as walking, running and orienteering. After the event you can sit down and see exactly where you were, how long it had taken you, mileage covered and so on. The device will even show you the exact spot should you have taken any pictures.


Our own personal recommendation is Skiing GPS tracking. After a long day skiing and a little après-ski the conversation invariable turns to where have you skied today? And out comes a soggy piste map and a little finger tracing. The tracking device has this all taken care of. It will advise you of the routes you have taken and mileage covered. Should you require a little extra detail such as altitude and average speed, don’t worry that’s taken care of too.

All our tracking GPS units are easy to install and use, with updates straight to your mobile smart phone or computer.